So what does make a good website design?

Good design is a subjective term, my guide isn’t about designing a website that everyone will love and think is truly creative, in fact creativity doesn’t really come into it for me. That may sound strange from a designer but I feel very strongly that a website is there simply to serve a purpose and that purpose is ultimately to deliver on your objectives and give you a return on your investment. To me, therefore, good design is about results.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy being creative and designing beautiful websites, because I do, but there has to be a balance.

Simply following some of the steps in this e-book won’t guarantee a brilliant design as every business and its users are different and will require a unique approach to ensure results, however, the areas covered in the e-book are a great place to start and by considering all the points, you will be on your way to a successful website.

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what makes a good website design?