Generating leads is most likely one of your main goals; few people have a new website designed just for the fun of it.

In order to generate these leads, you need more than just a great website, you need your site to be optimised for search engines and you need your site to work together with your other online marketing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about getting your website to rank as high up on Google (and other search engines) as possible. People often think this simply refers to the industry or sector of the business and maybe the location, for example, ‘estate agents in Plymouth’ but this isn’t always the case. These types of searches are very competitive and therefore very hard to rank highly on Google, add to that, the fact many people don’t use such generic terms, they may be looking for something in particular, for example, ‘first time buyer estate agent in Plymouth’, it then becomes possible to increase ranking for these target searches. 

I work with a local SEO specialist from Plymouth-SEO, James Avery, he has proven results in increasing the ranking and turnover for his clients. James is the only person I trust and recommend to work with my clients to get great results from their website.

You wouldn’t deliberately build a new shop in the middle of no where and then not have any signage or marketing to tell people where to find you – yet this is exactly what many people do online. Waiting for your customers to stumble across you is not conducive to a successful business.

SEO isn’t the only factor in generating leads, it is important to include your website in a wider online marketing strategy.


Being found:

This is where the SEO comes in, in additional to that however, you can really make the most of social media and other advertising channels to drive traffic to your site.

Engaging Customers:

Getting them there is not enough, you need to engage your visitors on your social media and your website, this could be through a blog, giveaways, competitions etc.

Instilling Confidence:

The key here is time. It takes on average 6 separate communications before a new potential customer will engage with you, don’t expect visitors to buy from you immediately.

Convert to Sales:

Stay in communication and build a relationship until you get the sale.