Prepare to stay one step ahead


  • Domain Registration

  • Hosting

  • Security

  • Product Attributes and SKU

  • Structure, Menu and Hierarchy

  • Delivery and Shipping

  • Images

  • Product Data

  • Non-product Data

  • Payment Gateways and Accounts

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Generating Income

It’s not enough to build a great site and expect people to flock to it, the website design should be the first step in your E-Commerce strategy. You should also consider:


Search engine optimisation is crucial to getting your new website found, it’s no good having a wonderful website if no one is going to see it. SEO is a specialist skill and I work with some of the best specialists in the region. This is one area you truly don’t want to ignore if you want a return on your investment. 

Online Advertising

Advertising through the internet has transformed the way many businesses market themselves. When launching a new site or even re-launching it is worth considering pay-per-click advertising such as Google AdWords and promotional campaigns on social media including Facebook and Twitter. 

Complimentary Selling Channels

Depending on your product you may want to consider other avenues of online selling such as Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping to extend your online presence. 

Training and Ongoing Support

A new E-Commerce website can take some getting used to and a little time to really understand how it operates. It is important to keep the site updated with fresh content as well as adding new products and making changes to descriptions and prices.

Included with every E-Commerce Project

A written guide to managing your E-Commerce website and 4 hours email support for WordPress and any themes and plugins used in the design of the site (installed by me).

Additional Support

Additional support and ongoing maintenance is available from £25 per hour. Other support packages are available.