100% satisfaction guaranteed:

I’ll keep working on your site until you are completely satisfied with the design and can be confident that it will deliver you new customers, increased sales or whatever your objective is for the website. As soon as you are happy to sign off on the design your site will be made live and at that point you pay the balance of the invoice – not before.

Price Guarantee:

I always start with a very clear outline of your requirements. After spending some time discussing you and your business I will send you a detailed plan of how your site will develop, what it includes and the functionality you will have as well as how it will look. It’s important we agree on this plan before starting, to make sure we have the expectation / design balance.  Included in this plan is a detailed price – from the moment we agree on this plan and price I promise you that you will not pay a penny more. Of course, if you have additional requirements over and above what has been agreed as we progress then any additional fees will be agreed with you as they arise.

This may sound like common sense but all too often I hear of people who have agreed to a new website and end up being charged for additional functionality which they thought was included and have to abandon what they have paid for so far or find additional funds to get the site completed.

12 Month Warranty:

This is my peace of mind gift to all my clients. With updates to WordPress, Themes and Plugins, conflicts and problems can occur causing issues on your website. You can rest assured that any issues you experience from updating the elements I have installed on your site will be sorted free of charge in a timely manner making sure you don’t miss out on valuable business.


I always insist on a contract before we begin, this is to cover both parties. It will include my website guarantee and any other terms you wish to include. The contract will be agreed and signed by us both before commencing.

If you would like to find out more about my Website Guarantee or enquire about a new website, please get in touch.

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