When your new website goes live that should not be the end of the process – on the contrary. A successful website is regularly updated with fresh content to keep both your customers and Google happy.

For some people that can be a nerve-racking prospect. Some may be worried about ‘breaking’ the site they have paid good money for and others simply don’t have the time. 

The beauty of WordPress which is the CMS platform I use is that it is one of the more user friendly platforms for you to manage yourself. I can provide some basic training and a written guide to help you take over the site; many people feel comfortable enough to upload new posts or edit basic page content but if they require more significant changes or new additions to the site they come back to me. 

Websites also require regular maintenance, WordPress for example will need updating on a regular basis and following that, any themes and plugins used will need updating. This is a very straightforward process which most people can manage (provide they remember), occasionally there is a niggle which may require a fix; I am available to help with this at any time. My 12 month warranty also covers these occasional issues provided it is linked to a theme or plugin I installed in the original design. 

Every client feels they would like support with different aspects of their site so the following is just an example of support packages.

Basic Updates

  • Scheduled Updates to WordPress
  • Scheduled Updates to Themes and Plugins
  • 1 hour per month

Basic Support

  • Scheduled Updates to WordPress
  • Scheduled Updates to Themes and Plugins
  • Support for any update issues plus changes and additions to site content
  • 3 hours per month

Content Support

  • Updates to blogs/news, galleries and textual content
  • 2 hours per month

Pay as you go support is available at £25 per hour